SX-ZZJ umbrella windproof Sun Protection UV Protection Sun Umbrella Rain Double Discount 30Korean Men And Women CreativeColor B TUIABTCZH

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▲ advanced wind protection function:. Our coating is composed of a reinforced fiberglass coating. The durable windproof frame is composed of 2 layers and 8 ribs. It can withstand gusts and time suitable for men and women who like sports or outdoor activities.▲ manual opening and manual folding:. The manual opening/closing function makes one-handed operation simple. The folding size of the bag/briefcase/backpack is only 24cm. It can accommodate 1-2 people. The classic black umbrella is suitable for men, women and children in daily life or on the road.▲ High Density and Hydrophobicity: High Density Fabrics and Hydrophobic Coatings Compact umbrellas have excellent water resistance; crowns can be dried immediately by liberating them from raindrops, which is easy to carry and fold.▲ Structure, non-slip: ergonomic design, can withstand the strongest wind, with non-slip rubber handle strap, light weight, easy to carry, including men, women, youth and children's protective travel kit.▲ Delivery time: Our delivery time is 15-25 days. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Automatic folding and semi-automatic umbrella, sun protection, UV protection, sun protection, rainproof material, fashionable, welcome to order.

▲ style: semi-automatic
▲ Color: Picture color.
▲ manual opening: portable umbrella can be manually opened and manually folded.
▲ Material: Aluminum alloy.
▲ skeleton: glass fiber.
▲ umbrella cloth: black tape.
▲ Packaging: 1 umbrella and 1 umbrella cover.
▲ Dimensions: Diameter under the umbrella 98 cm, height 67 cm, 24 cm after folding.
▲ Radius: 55-61 cm.
▲ Specifications: 55 * 8K.
▲ Weight: 300 grams, light and easy to manage, can be used as a universal umbrella.
▲Characteristics: Weatherproof and sunproof function All environmental protection glass fiber umbrella stands are durable, windproof, lightningproof, lightproof, and not easy to rust.
▲ sun protection index: UPF50 +.
▲ One-touch operation: Press the button to open, press the button again to close.
▲ High-quality waterproof: SY travel umbrella with high quality umbrella surface, 210T spring - Avon twisted net, high waterproof, quick-drying. After closing, the fabric will not soak and all drops will disappear
▲ Quality:. The material used to make the bottle cap is completely different from the one used before. It gives you a feeling of fabric, but it is of course waterproof. This is the most important feature of an umbrella. The umbrella is light and can be carried around without any burden. .
▲ Permanent warranty: If your umbrella has any quality problems, please contact us

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▲2 >>Please contact us before leaving neutral (3 stars) or negative (1-2 weeks) feedback. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the purchase, please contact us before opening.

SX-ZZJ umbrella windproof Sun Protection UV Protection Sun Umbrella Rain Double Discount 30Korean Men And Women CreativeColor B TUIABTCZH

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