Box of 5000 Rizla Papers 100 Packs of Short Silver Cases BPUOKQCKB

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The excellence of the Rizla brand is fully reflected in this product. The short silver paper is one of their best papers and a symbol of the prestigious Rizla brand. Like all Rizla's papers, the short silver is produced using gum arabic of the highest quality. One of its characteristics is the lightness and transparency of the sheet of tissue paper. The short silver also stands out for its ultra-slow burning which lets you get maximum taste and enjoyment from your roll-up cigarette. In addition to these distinctive characteristics, the short silver also has self-extinguishing properties and a low ash production. It is definitely a versatile product, for smokers who want to roll top quality cigarettes (obviously by combining the paper with a good tobacco). Therefore it is the perfect tobacco paper both for connoisseurs and for novice smokers. It works best with dry tobaccos. Also to be emphasised, this format is ideal for people who want to save and not have to keep running to the tobacconist to buy cards.

Technical specifications:

100% cellulose transparent, water-marked and perforated tissue paper
Combustion: Ultra slow
Low ash production
Top-quality gum arabic
Extra taste
13.5 g weight
Ideal for dry tobaccos
Dimensions of paper: 70 x 36 mm
100 booklets of 50 sheets each
Money-saving pack of 100 booklets

Box of 5000 Rizla Papers 100 Packs of Short Silver Cases BPUOKQCKB

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