Bike Ribbon SiO2 Race Silicone Mtb Grips-White FMMDKLQFD

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Made of special Silicone open cell foam. Resistant to UV, any temperature and climate.Perfectly design to assure a good hold without glue or lock on, they don't spin. Once mounted on the handlebar external diameter of 30mm.Make to absorb and reduce drastically all the vibrations. Reduces hand numbness.End Plugs made of silicone and same color of the grips with reflective stickers for safety.Hygienic and easy to clean as not porous. Totally ecologic and hypoallergenic.

Bike Ribbon SiO2 Silicone Grips are made of a special silicone open cells foam to improve the comfort and reduce the vibration. The Race SiO2 Silicone Grips have an internal diameter of 14.5mm and an external diameter of 25.5mm and a total length of 130mm. Once mounted on the bar the Internal Diameter is 22mm and external diameter 30mm This less material compare to the Soft version which has instead an external diameter once installed of 34mm give a very strong hold for a total control of the bike. It is available in several different colors and they all comes with rounded edges. The Grips comes with custom designed end plugs made of silicone material and of the same colors of the grips for a perfect match. The plugs have also a reflective sticker very easy to see from far for safety reasons.

Bike Ribbon SiO2 Race Silicone Mtb Grips-White FMMDKLQFD

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