Best Tripod Telescope Black 100-180 cm ZOUDCKOZL

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These tripods are ideal for hanging a goulash kettle, Dutch oven or camp ovenMade from hot-rolled half-inch bar stockThe Tripod has lacquered legs with chain, durable and great for the outdoors

For decades BEST Sporting is a notion for quality and innovation. The aim is to offer the trade and the final consumer appropriate products and goods at affordable prices. The range Boilers and RETRO complements the classic grilling to another form of outdoor cooking using boilers and expanded year-round range for a lucrative alternative. The RETRO-items reminiscent to classic products of the past. High quality, practical value and properties (eg. As hypoallergenic, antibacterial), which are no longer self-evident today. In addition to its original function as a domestic product can be found in the decoration of their use.

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Tripod telescope

Best Tripod Telescope Black 100-180 cm ZOUDCKOZL

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