BESHU Backpack Large-capacity Backpack Outdoor Travel Tactical Backpack 40L ENLFTFETT

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* High-strength wear-resistant nylon fabric: It has the characteristics of quick drying, wear resistance, toughness, tear resistance and long-term use and is not easy to change color. It has higher tensile strength and wear resistance than ordinary polyester fabric.*Features: suitable for hiking, camping, hiking, travel, fitness, sports*Cozy double shoulder strap with thick padding, resilience and water repellency, effectively relieve the pressure on the shoulder muscles and spine, and play a good shoulder protection to make the backrest more comfortable.*Sliding adjustment system design: Use the sliding adjustment system to adjust the shoulder chest and waist according to your needs, you can quickly adapt to your needs* Easy to care: the surface does not adhere to dust, stains, easy to care

The backpack offers plenty of space to carry, ideal for military, camping and hiking activities.

Low-key, stylish and simple, whether it's traveling or outdoor photography, it's a good choice.High-quality zipper, exquisite workmanship, smooth opening and closing, after repeated use experiments, durable and tough

The back is made of thick mesh fabric, which has good protection and support. The elastic function effectively reduces the load, and the body is breathable, sweating and decompressing, and the comfort is strong.. The lining material on the back of the bag is in the shape of a honeycomb. According to the ergonomic design, horizontal and vertical airflow is generated through the air passage when moving in the warp-knitted fabric.. When people are exercising, they should simultaneously draw the airflow horizontally and vertically to both sides of the bag. This ventilation effect can discharge heat to both sides of the bag, and it is breathable and not sweaty, making people feel refreshed and comfortable.

Comfortable shoulder straps, internal mesh breathable fabric, elastic, waterproof, etc., effectively relieve shoulder muscle and spinal pressure, provide good shoulder protection, make the backrest more comfortable

A variety of colors give you more choices, brown, black, desert digital,

CPDigital, jungle digital and many other colors for you to choose.

BESHU Backpack Large-capacity Backpack Outdoor Travel Tactical Backpack 40L ENLFTFETT

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