Beginner Hula Hoop Ø 90 95 100 105cm GHHKPLISX

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absolute must-have for any beginner who wants to start with Dance Hoopingperfect exercise Hoop, also experienced Hoopers can learn new tricksthanks to the One-Click plug system easy to transport and reducible in size as Travel HoopHandmade in Germany, high quality product

With this beginner Hula Hoop, you will enjoy a new form of workout with momentum
You want to make a new sporting experience that will do your body feel good You are looking for a sport
that is very effective and at the same time a real pleasure You want to lose weight and reshape your body
or particularly the problem areas Then Hula Hooping is the perfect sport for you! With this standard Hula
Hoop (Basic Hoop), you acquire an ideal model to learn the technique and to make quickly progresses which
can be seen and felt.

Thanks to the fairly heavy weight and a large diameter, this standard Hula Hoop is perfectly tailored to the
needs of beginners. You have the option to choose a diameter between 90 and 105 cm in 5 cm intervals to
guarantee the best possible fit. This is an essential prerequisite in order to learn the technique quickly in a
relaxed way and to increase the effectiveness of the training.

This standard Hula Hoop (Basic Hoop) convinces with practical functionality
Soon you will no longer want to give away your Hula Hoop, especially if you have made the first progresses.
Thanks to integrated snap buttons, you can easily reduce the size of the Hoop about the half, so that a space-saving
transport as Travel Hoop will be possible anywhere. On the inside, functional grip tape has been fixed which
ensures a significant and noticeable increase in adhesion.

In this way, this standard Hula Hoop will support you actively in the initial phase to learn the technique.

Beginner Hula Hoop Ø 90 95 100 105cm GHHKPLISX

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