BBB Indra Speed Pedelec Helmet AFRKJNULC

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Rear vents for optimum airflow.Adjustable strap for perfect and comfortable fit.Smothskin strap divider is easily in a variety of angles adjustable.Easy-to-use Omega adjustment system.Airflow padding design for optimum air flow.

The Indra speed Pedelec Helmet is designed according to the new standard NTA 8776and is the perfect helmet for the people who want the best in style and functionality. The Indra is a lightweight helmet and provide the driver Extra Protection Unlike a regular bicycle helmet. Not too Verachten if you 45km/h fast driving. The 8vents ensure a cool head. The Indra is lighter than the competition, stylish and safe.

BBB Indra Speed Pedelec Helmet AFRKJNULC

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