Airex Coronella 200 fitness exercise yoga or Pilates mat YQPZWCNPV

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The AIREX Corona 200 gymnastics mat is perfect for long-term use in studios or physiotherapy. With an overall length of 2 metres, the Corona 200 supports a greater variety of exercises and enhanced comfort in training. Premium new colours provide variety and meet current interior design needs. In the course of intensive research, the substances of content in the previous mats were fundamentally revised. This makes the Corona 200 even more durable and robust. With a new antibacterial active substance, it provides reliable protection against bacteria, mould and pathogenic organisms. Even the cMRSA bacteria, which are resistant to antibiotics and increasingly found in hospitals, childcare facilities and fitness studios, are kept in check. Yet the effort required to care for the mats remains low. The Corona 200 also features optimum damping characteristics. It effectively protects the joints, ligaments and tendons. For water applications and in classic hydrotherapy, the Corona 200 provides secure support, promotes (re-)learning motor skills and makes numerous creative water games possible. 1000mm wide x 2000mm long x 15mm thick.

Airex Coronella 200 fitness exercise yoga or Pilates mat YQPZWCNPV

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