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Classified as the best body weight scale by the Stiftung Warentest 01/2014 with a total score of 16 (9/10). It weighs in a precise and reliable way up to 180 kg with graduation increments of 100 gramsDigital bathroom scale with infrared remote control and large removable LCD display to be hanged on a wall. High stability and safety thanks to the wide tempered glass platformElectronic scale with a clean and elegant design with a height of only 1.7 cm. Includes a battery indicator with automatic shut-off and an overload indicator. Weight unit: kg and lbAdvanced technology for easy weight control: Simply position yourself on the platform to weigh accurately. Easy to read display in large black numbers with removable displayHigh-precision bathroom scale, modern appearance, external display and practical functions Perfect for weight control during weight loss. Batteries included in the package

The BE1307 Tilda digital scale of the German brand ADE convinced the Stiftung Warentest (01/2014) commission in its entirety and was the winner of the test. The scale weighs reliably and with maximum accuracy up to 180 kilograms (28,3 st). The division takes place with increments of 100 grams.

Removable infrared remote control with large LCD display (46 x 22 mm)
You can easily see the weight at a glance, the display has easy-to-read black digits and can be hanged to the wall. There will no longer be any need to bend down or put on glasses to see the screen.

Excellent quality
Surface is made of tempered glass and thanks to a special heat treatment during production, this safety glass has a significantly higher resistance to impact than normal scales. If it breaks, the glass will produce only tiny pieces. This reduces greatly the risk of serious injury compared to usual flat glass.

Excellent features
The smooth surface makes it easy to clean and is very hygienic. With a height of only 1.7 cm, the scale can be easily set aside, takes up little space and suits any room.

Easy to use
Using it is very simple. To turn it on, just position yourself on the surface and thanks to the step-on function the weight determination will start automatically. The same applies to automatic shutdown, ensuring a much longer battery life.

International weight units
Naturally, this electronic bathroom scale also has a battery status indicator and an overload indicator. The weight in addition to being displayed in kilograms, can also be displayed in the American unit lb (pounds) and British st (stones).

Hygienic and tempered glass surface
Removable infrared remote control with large LCD display (46 x 22 mm)
Step On function
Weight unit: kg, lb
Overload and battery indicator
Automatic shut-off for longer battery life
Maximum load: 180 kg
Accuracy: 100 g
Batteries included (2 liter CR 2032)
Dimensions: 30.2 x 30.2 x 1.7 cm
Net weight of the balance: 1.6 kg

Advice for uniform and precise results:

Always place the digital scale on a solid, leveled surface such as parquet or tiles. On thick carpets, sloped floors or tiles of different heights, electronic scales show an incorrect weight due to their design.

For significant measurement results, always weigh yourself in similar external conditions, for example the morning before breakfast.

Weigh yourself without having objects on.

The removable remote control with the display is connected to the balance via infrared. The sensors must therefore always be clean and must not be covered, for example by hands. If not, the weight cannot be displayed.

Box Contains

1 x Digital Kitchen Scale

ADE Tilda Digital Bathroom Scale Silver 180 kg LXTBNFJJP

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