Acupressure Head Cushion Pillow Orange NJKQJBVTQ

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Colour: OrangeSize: 33cm x 28cm1452 Acupressure Pointshelpful for: neck and back pain, stress and tension and much more......

The Acupressure Head Cushion with 1452 acupressure points stimulates the body's energy meridians / acupressure points and improves the energy flow for a revitalising and rebalancing effect. The Acupressure Cushion can be helpful for: neck and back pain, stress and tension, headaches, joint problems, chronic tiredness and sleep disorders, digestion problems, poor circulation and much more...... Recommended use: start with 10 minutes per session, this can then be increased according to your needs. PLEASE NOTE - This product should not be used by pregnant or nursing mothers or anyone with heart problems. If you are in any doubt please contact your doctor prior to using the product. Use of this product is entirely at your own risk. We advise that you always consult a qualified medical practitioner before undertaking acupressure or yoga for its perceived benefits. Any person using equipment bought from Ruth White Yoga Products Ltd is personally responsible for learning the correct techniques involved, assumes all risks and accepts responsibility for any damages or injuries of any kind.

Acupressure Head Cushion Pillow Orange NJKQJBVTQ

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